Thursday, February 17, 2011

WESC Rae Martini Bongo Headphones

WESC is a Sweedish clothing brand that is based on skateboarding culture and lifestyle. WESC sponsors many famous celebrities and personalities which they refer to as "activists" or "WEactivists". Each of these activists has their own WESC pieces of clothing, and a few of them even have their own designed headphones. The first headphones in their line that i will review is Rae Martini.  Rae is a an Italian self-taught urban artist who has become famous for his informal abstract paintings. He has become an advocate for Street Artists International. His works have been featured in solo exhibitions across the globe.

The headphones had to fit Rae Martini's abstract style so the colors had to pop. The colors were chosen specifically by Rae. Some of Rae's art pieces have been incorporated into the headphones graphic pattern. While the design is over the top and intense, the sound quality is anything but. WESC doesn't have the technology that an audio company has, and it shows. They are built to last and their comfort is decent. These headphones are not the best option out there unless you love the design and don't mind the mediocre sound quality.

Price: $77
Available Now

  • Artistic Design
  • Light
  • Sound Quality
  • Graphic Pattern
  • Hard to Find
Overall Rating: 5/10

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