Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ludacris SOUL Ultra Dynamic Headphones

In addition to the release of Sleek by 50, CES was also the debut of a new lineup of headphones developed by Ludacris and Signeo. The "Soul by Ludacris" line is competing with Beats by Dr. Dre and the Sleek Audio to try and win the young audience demographic. While Beats by Dr.Dre has celebrity power and Sleek by 50 has wireless technology, Soul by Ludacris uses high definition sound to separate it from the rest. The new released Soul lineup will have 5 different headphones to choose from. The headphones range from the small in-ear SL49's to the extremely large noise canceling SL300. The prices in the Soul lineup will range from $70 to $300. As more information is released, I will have a review for each edition. The final release date in unknown at this point but will be sometime in Spring 2011.

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