Monday, February 7, 2011

Daft Punk Monster Tron T1 Headphones

Monster Audio has released a pair of headphones in collaboration with Daft Punk and with Disney's new film, Tron. These headphones were debuted in January at CES 2011. They have a unique and modern design and will surely draw attention from others. They are relatively large (about the same size as Dre Beats) and are futuristically styled with lights on both sides.

The headphones use Monster's Noise Isolation Technology to block out external sound. The unique aspect of these headphones is the LED Light Drive System on the outside. Monster has tried to recreate the light animations captured in Tron: Legacy. The Daft Punk version of these headphones are white, instead of black, and are being created in limited supply. These limited edition headphones have the Daft Punk logo above the right ear cup. Monster throws in a special edition Tron Sountrack into the package, as well as a soft pouch and cleaning cloth. Overall these are a decent pair of headphones if you like the design, light up features or are just a big fan of Daft Punk or Tron.

Price: $349.95
Availability Unknown

  • Light Up Technology
  • Unique Design
  • Sound Quality
  • Bass Quality
  • Expensive
  • Hard to find
Overall Rating: 8/10


Anonymous said...

wow man great stuff! looks great...cant wait for the release!

Anonymous said...

do you recommend the 50 cents or the lebrons?

Anonymous said...

én szeretem daft punk

Anonymous said...

the LED light really made me like these cant wait!

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