Friday, February 4, 2011

50 Cent Sleek Audio Headphones

50 Cent recently unveiled his brand new headphones by Sleek Audio. These headphones were debuted at CES 2011 a few weeks ago. Whats special about these headphones is that they are wireless. The wireless technology is what really separates these headphones from the countless other headphones that are currently flooding the market. They also have a really unique design without being too much. They use carbon fiber which really adds to the design, but also adds to the price. The blue "S" on the side of each headphone cup lights up which is a nice touch. The headphones are supposed to come out in early March and will retail for $350. Overall, I really like the design of these headphones and if the new wireless hybrid technology works like they say it will, then these will be extremely hard to beat.

Price: $350
Available: Spring 2011

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