Monday, February 28, 2011

Steve Aoki Classic WeSC Headphones

Steve Aoki joined WeSC to create his own signature line of premium headphones. They were released a few years ago and were available in 5 models, ranging from classic Ipod style earbuds to full DJ headphones. The prices ranged from $35 to $200.

Today, I will review the Steve Aoki Classic Headphones which are the lowest priced ones. The problem that I have with these headphones is that they are very plain for WeSC standards. The headphones feature no sign or feature that makes these Steve Aoki's. The high price tag just isn't worth it since there is no difference between these earbuds and any other colorfully designed headphones. Since most of these headphones are not being sold anymore, they are extremely tough to find. The headphones come in 4 colors: Dark Shadow, Dirt Pink, Black, Vibrant Yellow.

Price: $34.99
Available: Extremely Hard to Find

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