Thursday, November 29, 2012

Suggestions for Holiday Season "Extras"

The holiday season is almost here, and headphones are expected to be a top seller. With more options than ever, headphone companies are going to have to start offering various deals to make their products stand out. Since most headphones can be found at discounted prices on secondary sites like Amazon or, headphone companies need to start offering some sort of "extra bonus" for purchasing their products on their official websites. Instead of offering a discount on prices which would limit profit, companies could offer an "extra" gift which is more beneficial and could be the difference between a great 4th quarter and an average one. Below are a few suggestions for some of the newer CelebHeadphone companies.

Sol Republic: While I appreciate the interchangeability of Sol Republic Tracks Headphones, let’s face it, hardly anyone actually uses this feature.  To jumpstart interest in this feature, Sol Republic should provide a free extra headband with new purchases.  Not many people are willing to spend $30 on a headband, but, once they have two, interest in customization could grow.  

House of Marley: Before any of their products were released to the public, the company said that each headphone would come with a "1love" bracelet. Well two years later there's still no included bracelet, but, luckily for them, it’s the perfect time of year to include one with every purchase for the holidays.

SMS Audio:  Everyone knows that 50 Cent has proven himself as the king of gorilla marketing, but his audio company, SMS Audio, hasn't excelled in this category.  One way to boost brand recognition is with extra merchandise. Although they currently offer some SMS Audio branded products on their site, all of it is extremely overpriced. Anyone who buys one of their t-shirts for $35, or a 50 Cent iPhone case for $40 is Ludacris (pun intended). If I were SMS Audio, I would offer free SMS t-shirt or hat with each headphone purchased. Not only would it be a cheap form of advertising, consumers would feel more inclined to spend the $300+ on one of their headphones if they knew they were getting a gift as well.

Soul by Ludacris: The California-based headphone company, V-Moda, has recently announced they would be offering a free pair of their Faders VIP earbuds with any purchase. While Soul doesn't have to go to this extent, they could offer a serious discount on their earbuds with each purchase of their over-ear headphones. Depending on the amount spent, each customer could receive a percentage off one of their earbuds.

What do you think of these suggestions?

Monday, November 19, 2012

JBL's New Headphone Lineup

While JBL had always been known for their superior audio products, they had never really entered the headphone market. Back in May, JBL announced it's entrance entrance into the crowded headphone market by creating a Tim McGraw Headphone line. Not surprisingly, this line hasn't flown off the shelves due to lack and marketing and general buzz. You know it's bad when I couldn't even find a picture of Tim McGraw wearing his own headphones! Hopefully, JBL has ditched the celeb endorsement shtick for more quality products.

Last week, they unveiled their new J Series line of headphones, which consist of a new over-ear J88i and in-ear J33i Headphone. The entire line consists of 8 separate models, but 6 of them are just variants of the main 2 designs.

The J88i uses a DJ pivot system which lets you rotate the leather ear cups 180 degrees. They are available in 2 color schemes - black/silver & while/silver/copper. The J33i's have a new technology that JBL calls an angled strain relief buckle. It is basically a brace that is built to avoid wire-wearing stress on the cord.

In-Ear J33i
Available: December
Price: $80

Over-Ear J88i
Available: December
Price: $150

Friday, November 16, 2012

Melanie Iglesias x Tiesto AKG Video

I don't usually do posts with only YouTube videos, but this is an exception. Check out the video below of Melanie Iglesias' new flipbook which incorporates Tiesto's new line of Headphones by AKG. Its got all the characteristics of a viral video, so don't be surprised if this video blows up. Bravo AKG, bravo!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DuneTunes Headphones by HandCandy

While other headphone companies say they blend fashion and technology, they aren't doing anything close to what HandCandy has done. HandCandy is a headphone company that has created a necklace headphone. Yes, you read correctly, a necklace headphone! They have two lines of products, DuneTones for guys and LadyBuds for chicks. The four styles in the DuneTones line have a casual surf look to them, while the six LadyBuds styles range from yoga comfort to cocktail dress cool. 

How do the DuneTones work?  At first, it definitely takes some getting used to because it's hard to tell what goes where and in what direction each piece is supposed to be. The DuneTones are made up of two equally long beaded cords that have earbuds at one end, are attached at the other and connect to a detachable cable for the MP3 player. Half way down the each cord, there is a magnetic clasp that holds the necklace together. Once the necklace is on, the earbuds can either rest on your back or chest. Whenever you want to use the headphones, you just pop each earbud in and your all set. My biggest problem with the design is that, when the earbuds are in use, it looks strange because the cord hangs because of the slack. 

The overall construction of the DuneTones is good, but the sound quality is very average. Because the headphones are on the heavy side, these wouldn't be good for running or the gym. Since these are more of a fashion accessory than anything else, don't expect these to replace your current earbuds.

Much like with most fashion accessories, the HandyCandy DuneTones' design isn't functional on a day-to-day level, which make it hard to endorse.

Price: $40
Available Now

  • Quality Construction
  • A Number of Designs
  • Unique Look
  • Heavy
  • Sound Quality
  • Design Not For Everyone

Overall Rating: 6/10

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MotorHeadphones Trigger Earbuds

In the past, we've seen rappers, country music stars, even reality tv stars with their own headphones. Now, we can finally add a rock band to the list. MotorHead is an English rock band that was wildly popular in the UK during the 1980's. The band has released its own headphones with their slogan being, "For rockers, by rockers," and today, I will be reviewing their Trigger In-Ear Headphones.

The earbuds are made of Swedish metal, and have a design very similar to the Munitio 9mm SITi Earbuds. The shape of the earbuds resembles a bullet, and on the outer portion, the MotorHeadphones logo is imprinted. The only recognizable between these and the Munitio's is the medal piece, which hold the headphone wires togeather and can be adjusted to make the cord sit tighter or looser to the earbuds. The Trigger Earbuds also do come in 3 color options: Silver, Brass and Black.

In terms of sound quality, the MotorHeadphones are, surprisingly, pretty good. While these earbuds aren't fully noise canceling, when in use, you basically cannot hear anything but whatever your listening to. The earbuds themselves are loud, really loud, meaning there's really no reason your ever going to need to have your MP3 player volume setting on anything louder than medium. The problem with the volume is that, over time, it could damage your hearing, but hey, rockers don't care about hearing problems, right? That being said, the sound quality is pretty darn good for the price.

Overall, the MotorHeadphones Trigger Earbuds are a decent option for any classic rock fans in the market for a new pair of earbuds.

Price: $50
Available Now

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Color Options
  • Extremely Loud
  • Heavy
  • Cord Tangles Easily

Overall Rating: 7/10

Monday, November 5, 2012

illest Boutique x Beats by Dre Studio Headphones

illest is an urban clothing brand which incorporates influences from hip-hop, rap, and the worldwide car culture. The illest brand has collaborated with Beats by Dre to develop a special limited edition headphone just for them.  These limited edition headphones come in a black, grey, and safari colorway and have grey and gold accents.

The illest x Beats by Dre Studio Headphones will be released on November 17th, but make sure you get 'em early as they are limited to just 200 pieces. They will be exclusively sold at illest flagship stores (Los Angeles, San Francisco), the Beats flagship store in NYC, and at For a full review of the Beats by Dre Studio Headphones, click here.

Price: $350
Available: November 17 (Pre-Order Available)

Friday, November 2, 2012

Monster & Spike TV Collaborate on Camouflage DNA Headphones

Back in September, Viacom and Monster Cable announced a global alliance over Monster's latest product, the DNA Headphones. Today, Monster and Spike TV have unveiled a special edition of their DNA Headphones for Veteran's Day. The camouflage headphones will be exclusively sold at Best Buy beginning November 12. A portion of the proceeds will go to the "Hire A Vet" campaign which includes The Wounded Warrior Project, IAVA, and Got Your 6.

Price: $230
Available: November 12