Thursday, November 29, 2012

Suggestions for Holiday Season "Extras"

The holiday season is almost here, and headphones are expected to be a top seller. With more options than ever, headphone companies are going to have to start offering various deals to make their products stand out. Since most headphones can be found at discounted prices on secondary sites like Amazon or, headphone companies need to start offering some sort of "extra bonus" for purchasing their products on their official websites. Instead of offering a discount on prices which would limit profit, companies could offer an "extra" gift which is more beneficial and could be the difference between a great 4th quarter and an average one. Below are a few suggestions for some of the newer CelebHeadphone companies.

Sol Republic: While I appreciate the interchangeability of Sol Republic Tracks Headphones, let’s face it, hardly anyone actually uses this feature.  To jumpstart interest in this feature, Sol Republic should provide a free extra headband with new purchases.  Not many people are willing to spend $30 on a headband, but, once they have two, interest in customization could grow.  

House of Marley: Before any of their products were released to the public, the company said that each headphone would come with a "1love" bracelet. Well two years later there's still no included bracelet, but, luckily for them, it’s the perfect time of year to include one with every purchase for the holidays.

SMS Audio:  Everyone knows that 50 Cent has proven himself as the king of gorilla marketing, but his audio company, SMS Audio, hasn't excelled in this category.  One way to boost brand recognition is with extra merchandise. Although they currently offer some SMS Audio branded products on their site, all of it is extremely overpriced. Anyone who buys one of their t-shirts for $35, or a 50 Cent iPhone case for $40 is Ludacris (pun intended). If I were SMS Audio, I would offer free SMS t-shirt or hat with each headphone purchased. Not only would it be a cheap form of advertising, consumers would feel more inclined to spend the $300+ on one of their headphones if they knew they were getting a gift as well.

Soul by Ludacris: The California-based headphone company, V-Moda, has recently announced they would be offering a free pair of their Faders VIP earbuds with any purchase. While Soul doesn't have to go to this extent, they could offer a serious discount on their earbuds with each purchase of their over-ear headphones. Depending on the amount spent, each customer could receive a percentage off one of their earbuds.

What do you think of these suggestions?

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