Wednesday, November 7, 2012

MotorHeadphones Trigger Earbuds

In the past, we've seen rappers, country music stars, even reality tv stars with their own headphones. Now, we can finally add a rock band to the list. MotorHead is an English rock band that was wildly popular in the UK during the 1980's. The band has released its own headphones with their slogan being, "For rockers, by rockers," and today, I will be reviewing their Trigger In-Ear Headphones.

The earbuds are made of Swedish metal, and have a design very similar to the Munitio 9mm SITi Earbuds. The shape of the earbuds resembles a bullet, and on the outer portion, the MotorHeadphones logo is imprinted. The only recognizable between these and the Munitio's is the medal piece, which hold the headphone wires togeather and can be adjusted to make the cord sit tighter or looser to the earbuds. The Trigger Earbuds also do come in 3 color options: Silver, Brass and Black.

In terms of sound quality, the MotorHeadphones are, surprisingly, pretty good. While these earbuds aren't fully noise canceling, when in use, you basically cannot hear anything but whatever your listening to. The earbuds themselves are loud, really loud, meaning there's really no reason your ever going to need to have your MP3 player volume setting on anything louder than medium. The problem with the volume is that, over time, it could damage your hearing, but hey, rockers don't care about hearing problems, right? That being said, the sound quality is pretty darn good for the price.

Overall, the MotorHeadphones Trigger Earbuds are a decent option for any classic rock fans in the market for a new pair of earbuds.

Price: $50
Available Now

  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Color Options
  • Extremely Loud
  • Heavy
  • Cord Tangles Easily

Overall Rating: 7/10


Mehdi Mnasri said...

hey kevin i've seen ur review n i want those earphones so bad but im just wonderin about the sound quality , my question is what do u mean exactly with extremely loud ? is the sound quality gets worst n annoying for the ears ? also i want to know if the earphones provide a high quality sound or just average one thanks

Kevin said...

Hi Mehdi. When I say the earbuds are extremely loud, it means they amplify volume heavily. This just means that the MP3 player volume setting doesn't need to be higher than medium volume ever. I found this to be a negative, because it could cause some hearing loss because of the extremely loud volume. As far as the sound quality, these in-ear headphones are average. If you're not set on them, I would suggest a Munitio Headphone or a Velodyne vPulse Earbud. You can find a review of both on our site. Hope this helps.

Mehdi Mnasri said...

thanks kevin i appreciate ur help and ur consideration , well i'm just lookin for the best earbud for my ipad ,well im a big fan of heavy metal n rock n roll so i decided to ask bout opinion since i trust ur site , have a nice day

Walido Mhamdi said...

hello Kevin, am wondering what headphone suits my IPod touch. thanks bas3a

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