Saturday, June 4, 2011

Monster Studio Beats By Dr. Dre

Today I will review the headphone that started it all. The one that all other headphone's try to emulate. The incredible success of the Studio Beats Headphones has been the catalyst for all CelebHeadphones. Are they really that good? I will give my take on one of the hottest selling electronics of the past year.

There is no doubt that these headphones are extremely sleek and stylish. The glossy finish gives them an ultra-lux look that had previously never been seen with any headphone. There is a good amount of cushion on the ear cups for comfort. One problem that because the Studio Beats provide a great deal of bass, it caused by ears to sweat regularly. Like I said, the Studio Beats provide thumping bass that won't leave you wanting more. The bass requires the use of 2 AAA batteries, and without them, no sound will play. Sound quality is decent with the Studio Beats with the only issue that some songs sound better than others.

One of my biggest problems with the Studio Beats is that it seems like every athlete or person under 25 has a pair. Last year they were unique and fashionable but now they are mainstream and basic. Since everyone has one, the only way to separate your Studio Beats from the rest is to personalize the colors through ColorWare or another similar site. The problem with this is that the cost of personalizing them is almost as much as the actual Beats! Although there are better options out there, the Dr. Dre Studio Beats will continue to be extremely popular due to their eye-catching design and mass appeal. They are available in 3 colors: Black, Red & White.

Price: $260
Available Now

  • Stylish Design
  • Thumping Bass
  • Carrying Case
  • Leaks Sound
  • Batteries Required
  • Inconsistent Sound Quality with Music Genres
Overall Rating: 7/10

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