Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sony PiiQ Marqii Premium Headphones

I have been impressed with the Sony PiiQ Headphones that I have previously reviewed, so I was especially excited to check out their top of the line headphones. All PiiQ headphones feature an eye-popping design, and the Marqii's are no exception. I like most of the design features like the square ear-cups, flat cord and the speaker-like fabric that lines the outer portion of the ear-cups. The biggest problem I have with these headphones is with the color combinations, or lack there of. Sony decided to only come out with one color for there premium headphones. Every other headphones in the PiiQ line, besides the Marqii's, comes in a number of colors. The vibrant pink color is not for everyone and I wish Sony would come out with these headphones in red, blue or another more universal color.

The Sony PiiQ Premium Headphones are extremely light at only 9 oz. There is a good amount of leather padding on the earcups to make comfort a non-issue.  Bass is plenty enough to satisfy most people. The amount of bass in the Marqii's is not at the level of Beats by Dre headphones, but not very far behind.  For the price, sound quality is above average. Most songs sound accurate enough for most listeners. If you can get over the pink accent, the Sony Marqii Premium Headphones are a great option due to their unique young design, comfort, bass, and reasonable price tag.

Price: $64
Available Now
  • Square Ear-Cups
  • Overall Design
  • Good Bass
  • No Color Options
  • Don't Collapse

Overall Rating: 7/10

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