Monday, June 20, 2011

Quincy Jones AKG Q460 On-Ear Headphones

The third and final model of the Quincy Jones Signature line is the AKG Q460. It is an on-ear headphone that has the same signature lime accents as the rest of the line. The AKG Quincy Jones headphones are all extremely well-made and the Q460's are no exception. Sound quality is way above average and overpasses some of the best on-ear headphones like the Bose ones, and the Beats Solos.

The lime green cord is detachable and the headphones fold flat. One problem with most on-ear headphones is comfort. AKG has done a nice job with making sure comfort is incorporated into the design. The headphones are lightweight, nicely padded, and don't cause ear sweats. The construction is well-built but they aren't to most sturdy headphones by any means. While the AKG Q460's are not cheap, they sound great and are well-designed, which make them a great option. They are available in 3 colors: White, Black & Lime Green.

Price: $100
Available Now

  • Sound Quality
  • Comfort
  • Quality Product
  • Lime Green Cord is not for Everyone
  • Price

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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Niki said...

just love em! And one real pro is that you can change the cord if it's broken (cuz mine is always broken after maximum 1 year so that was a main point for me to buy em)
really good sound, nice highs, perfect bass. (Im listenin to many genres (dnb, minimal, indie, reggae,...) and its perfect for every)

I just can say: Buy em!!!!!
haha peace

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