Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snoop Dogg Skullcrusher Headphones

Snoop Dogg has come out with his own signature headphones as part of Skull Candy's Artist Series Headphone lineup. These headphones have a unique design to them because of the print. The headphones have mini sub-woofers which help with the overall bass quality. The sub-woofer is run using a "AA" battery which is installed in an inline unit about half way down the cable. I don't like this design feature because it causes the headphones to drag to the ground because of the weight of the inline unit. It also becomes somewhat annoying to have a bulky box bouncing around in front of you. The headphones will work without batteries but the sub-woofer won't.
Like with most SkullCandy headphones, the sound quality is not the greatest, but also not the worst. SkullCandy has made them completely foldable for easy travel. I am personally not a fan of foldable headphones because it makes them feel a little more flimsy and cheap.  The Skullcrusher Headphones come in 2 colors: Blue and Black.
Price: $79.95
    • Unique Design
    • Relatively Inexpensive
    • Mini Subwoofer
    • Inline Unit
    • Mediocre Sound Quality
    • Double Cord
    • Collapsible
    Overall Rating: 5/10


    alejandro said...

    how much

    Kevin said...

    Selling for either $120 or $135 on Amazon

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