Monday, February 14, 2011

Val Kolton V-Moda Crossfade LP Headphones

V-Moda is a relatively new Los Angeles based company that combines fashion clothing and high end headphones. The CEO and founder of the company is Val Kolton. He is a famous DJ and music producer who specializes in combining house beats with rock and electronic music. Besides spinning at some of the worlds best nightclubs, Val Kolton has designed a full lineup of designer headphones.

The Crossfade LP Headphones by V-Moda were designed with DJ's in mind because they are the largest in the V-Moda lineup. The style fits the company's profile in that these headphones are very hip due to the urban industrial design.  On the outside of the ear cups, there are magnesium accent plates in different colors depending on which ones you buy. The cable is thicker than most because the outside is coated in cloth and the inside is reinforced with kevlar for maximum durability.  The ear cups are extremely well padded for maximum comfort but they do tend to make the ears slightly sweaty after prolonged use. Since the headphones were made by a techno and house DJ, the sound quality is not consistent across all genres of music. All those who listen to electronic, bass thumping music will love these headphones. However, those who don't listen to club and dance tracks sound look elsewhere. The Crossfade LP headphones come in 6 colors: White Pearl, Phantom Chrome, Gunmetal Black, Nero (purple accents), Rouge (red accents) and Pink (more purplish).

Price: $199.95
Available Now
  • Well Built
  • Electronic & House Music Sound Quality
  • Color Options
  • Leak Sound
  • Sound Quality of Some Genres
  • Large for Travel  (don't fold or collapse)

Overall Rating: 9/10


Anonymous said...

They're ugly but good quality.

Anonymous said...

LP looks cool !! But I prefer its M-80 more !!

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