Sunday, February 20, 2011

NBA All-Star SkullCandy Aviator Headphones

The Air Jordan packs were just a warm-up for SkullCandy for this weekends NBA All-Star festivities. They have released a Special Edition NBA All-Star Aviator headphone that has been made for both, fans and players alike. The headphones will feature the same design as the RocNation Aviator headphones with the exception that they will feature laser-etched NBA All-Star and LA2011 logos. These headphones won't be as impossible to find as the Air Jordan ones, but they will still be very hard to find after this weekend is over. They are being exclusively sold this weekend at Apple Stores in the Los Angeles area.

SkullCandy has also announced that it will give each of the NBA's 24 All-Star's their own personalized editions of the Aviator headphones. One will be in an all-white color, and the other in an all-black colorway. Each player's personal signature and jersey number will be laser-etched onto each side of the ear caps. However, these personalized headphones won't be available to the public.

Price: $179.95
Available Now in L.A area Apple Stores

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