Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Val Kolton V-Moda Vibrato Headphones

The V-Moda Vibrato Headphones are in-ear premium headphones designed by music producer and DJ, Val Kolton. V-Moda has continued the tend of sylish earbuds that they have been known for with these Vibrato Headphones.

The earpieces are stylish yet durable. These earbuds are created from zinc alloy. The metal technology is unique to the V-Moda company. Metal has its positives and its negatives. It makes the earbuds more durable than plastic ones but it also significantly increases the weight of them. The earbuds offer a jewel-like look due to its geometric shape and shiny metal accents. Like all V-Moda headphones, the cord is woven Kevlar and covered in cord for maximum durability. One unique feature about the Vibrato headphones is the shirt clip that is attached to the right cord. The Vibrato earbuds are successful in that they won't fall out of your ear once they are in. The bad news is that that when they are in, they are not so comfortable for everyone. These headphones offer a great deal of bass for their size. The overall sound quality is good, but not great. If you like the jewel like design and are looking for bass heavy earbuds, then the Virbrato Headphones are for you.

Price: $129.95
Available Now

  • Durability
  • Eye-Popping Design
  • Fit Securely
  • Heavy
  • Unbalanced Audio
  • Not Comfortable for Everyone

Overall Rating: 7/10

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