Thursday, August 30, 2012

Boomphones Phantom Headphones

The Boomphones Phantom Headphones are definitely not your average pair of headphones. They are the first headphones with a built in boom-box. The Phantoms, which are Boomphones' second-generation headphones, are a complete upgrade in every way.

First off, the packaging is excellent from top to bottom. From the hard stylish case to even the two enclosed Boomphones stickers, the packaging resembles a pair of headphones worthy of being twice the price. The logo, a bomb wearing headphones, is fun and stylish without being over the top.

The Phantoms have a black matte finish, meaning fingerprints are never a problem. The size of these headphones is about the same as Beats Studio's, however they have much more padding around the ear and especially in the headband. As with most CelebHeadphones, they are made of plastic, yet they feel extremely durable and can definitely take a beating.  Considering the size, I'm very impressed with how light they are. Comfort wise, they are much more comfortable than similarly priced headphones. 

Of course, no matter how great the packaging or construction is, the big selling point of the BoomPhones Phantom is its speaker capabilities. Your probably reading this answer to find out if the speaker works well, and the short answer is Yes. While these obviously aren't on par with a full speaker system, they definitely get the job done and are actually pretty loud. You can even hook up instruments to the headphones as a little amp whenever your ready for a jam session. The speaker's sound quality is average, but c'mon, they are Headphones! There is a small switch under the left ear-cup which is used to turn on the speaker feature. Once on, LED lights appear around the Boomphones logo. A white LED light indicates that they are in headphone mode, and a red lights indicates speaker mode. Switching between the 2 modes couldn't be easier. All you have to do is press the logo on the left ear-cup. The one thing to remember is that the Phantom's need to be charged for the speakers to work, and they come with a USB cord, which makes charging easy.

As for the headphones themselves, sound quality is pretty darn good. Though not at the level of say a V-Moda CrossFade, or a Beats by Dre Studio, you need to remember that not only double as a speaker but are also half the price. Genres such as house, hip-hop, pop and reggae sound much better than classical and jazz, but that's ok, since frankly, I don't think many jazz-heads are going to be lining up to get BoomPhones.

If you want to be the envy of all your friends, the Phantom's are sure to do it. Everything about the Phantom Boomphones is top quality, and for only $150, these are a steal. They are available in Matte Black & White. 

Price: $150

Available Now

  • LED Lighting
  • Comfortable/Lightweight
  • Speaker Works Well
  • Sound Quality Isn't Excellent
  • Large for Some

Overall Rating: 9/10


Anonymous said...

I love these headphones , I have them in black and they are amazing. I suggest everyone should buy a pair of boomphones.

joan21 said...
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joan21 said...

Headphones that are flexible, is a big plus and something that I really like. This also adds more resistance.

Zomo HD 2500

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