Monday, August 8, 2011

50 Cent SMS Audio Headphone Update

Ever since CES 2011 back in February, we have all been anxiously waiting for 50 Cent's headphones to become available. The first story was that they would be called the Sleek by 50 Headphones and that they would be available in Spring 2011. Then in May, we found out that 50 Cent was no longer working with Sleek Audio and all plans to develop the Sleek by 50 Headphones had ended. At that point, 50 Cent decided to continue with his quest to create a signature headphone of his own. Now, the headphones are being developed by SMS Audio, which is owned by 50 Cent. Not much is known about these new headphones but some information has been released via Twitter. Recently, 50 Cent has tweeted a few pictures and updates for his new product.

Here are all of his tweets regarding his new headphones:

SMS by 50 yea RT :  do you use Sleek Headphones in da booth?? 
They sound great  RT  I am buying the headphones first day they come out! Your the man fifty  
@50cent: There's a wireless and a wired version that's more coast efficient like rolls royce. The phantom and the ghost @50cent: These are nice right ? They will be out in NOV SMSby50. The wait is almost over. 

Here are the Pics he has Tweeted with the Headphones (All from @50cent):

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