Saturday, August 6, 2011

Special Edition Dr. Dre Detox Pro Beats Headphones

While the release of Dr. Dre's final album, Detox, might be unknown, the Special Edition Detox Headphones are currently available. This limited edition headphone is the same as the Pro Beats with a few minor changes. The largest change is the paint job, which has been murdered out meaning it has been painted all black. The second difference is that on the top portion of the headphone, they swapped out the standard "Beats by Dre" brand logo for the Dr.Dre Detox Album logo. The third and final change is the carrying case has the same Detox designation as the headband. These three differences are going to cost you around $100 more than the original Pro's.

For a full review of the Pro Beats by Dre, Click Here.

Available Now
Price: $500

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Jesse Ens said...

Love these headphones. Great bass and cancels out the rest of the world.

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