Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Beats Pro by Dr. Dre

The Beats Pro by Dr. Dre are serious headphones in every way. With the extremely large size, expensive price tag, and overall styling, the Beats Pro are not kidding around.  If you must have a Beats headphone and the Studio ones aren't doing it for you, then the Pros are your only option.

The Bears Pro's are not intended for the casual music listener, but for the DJ or music audiophile. Monster has given the Pro's a good number of features. There is a dual input/output audio port for communal listening (also found in the UrbanEars Plattans). Ear cushions can be removed to be cleaned or replaced. Another nice design feature is the ability to place the thick rubber red cord into either earcup. Since they don't require batteries, not all MP3 players (like the Ipod Shuffle) are able to output enough power for the headphones. Depending on who you are or what you plan on using the headphones with, this could be a pro or con. While durability is a problem with other Beats models, the Pro's construction is top-notch. A common drop on the floor or toss on a table is not going to mess them up at all. One problem I found with them is that although they are large in size, they don't fit snug on the head. Therefore, if you are bumping your head to the strong bass there is a good chance the headphones will slide off.

Every model in the Beats by Dre line emphasizes bass, and these are no exception. The amount of bass is great but the overpowered highs and mids is not. With that said, sound quality is definitely above average. The big drawback to the Pro's, and all Beats headphones for that matter, is the price. While there is no question they are a little overpriced, the Monster Pro Beats by Dre are intended for the DJ who wants a stylish set of headphones for when they are spinning on stage. They are available in 2 colors: Black & White.

Price: $322
Available Now

  • Great Bass
  • Durable
  • Design Features
  • Heavy
  • Price
  • Soft Travel Case

Overall Rating: 8/10

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