Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Coloud Flag Series Headphones

Coloud is a Swedish company that was started in 2009 with 15 headphones based on Hello Kitty, Marvel, Star Wars and Fame the movie. Their mission is similar to other headphone companies which is to make stylish headphones that sound great. Today, I will review their new Flag Series headphones.

The Coloud Flag Series are the same as the company's most popular headphones, the C22's. However, these headphones were built with an added microphone and an obvious complete change in design. The C22 headphones have a tight fit and offer some noise isolation for a better overall sound quality. Some might feel that the Coloud C22 headphones are too small and uncomfortable for long periods of time since the earcups don't have enough padding. They have less bass than the V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones. As of now, Coloud has 3 countries represented in the Flag Series: U.S, Jamaica & Brazil. The Jamaica and Brazil edition of these headphones are extremely stylish and modern while the same cant be said for the over-the-top U.S version.

Price: $39.90
Available Now

  • Tight Fit
  • Brazil & Jamaica Edition
  • Reasonable Price
  • Padding on Earcups
  • Comfort after Prolonged Use
  • U.S Edition
Overall Rating: 7/10

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