Friday, March 11, 2011

Crooks & Castles Premium BigR Audio Headphones

Crooks & Castles is a streetwear apparel company based in Los Angeles. It was created to be a direct reflection of the LA street lifestyle. Now, the company has decided to enter the fashion headphone market by developing their own headphones in partnership with BigR Audio.

The packaging of these headphones fit the stylish and urban look that Crooks & Castles is known for. They come packaged in a laser engraved bamboo box. The earcups feature the Crooks & Castles logo. While the large padding on the earcups make them comfortable, it does make the overall size of the headphones larger than most would like. The headphones feature the popular no-tangle flat cord. The headphones deliver a powerful bass with good, but not great, sound quality. Overall, the Crooks & Castles BigR Audio Headphones are a good investment if you are looking for an over-ear headphone that wont break the bank and don't mind the large size.

Price: $149
Available Now

  • Comfortable
  • Packaging
  • Unique
  • Too Large
  • No Color Options

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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Justin Mark said...

I am using it. Cool and awesome sound quality. Kush Groove online shop has huge women's and men's streetwear apparel collection.

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