Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Marshall Major Headphones

Marshall is a British company that is known for their premium music amplifiers. The Marshall company is synonymous with everything rock n' roll. Most famous musicians use Marshall amplifiers when on tour. Recently, they have developed their first signature headphones.
The Marshall headphones feature a classic and elegant design that fits the same style that their company is known for. The band and earcups are covered in vinyl, just like most of Marshall's amps. These are on-ear instead of around-ear headphones. The signature Marshall logo is located on the outside of each earcup. Another feature is the gold plated Marshall plak that can be found in the middle of the band, above the L and R signs.  There is a gold Jim Marshall (founder) signature underneath the earband which I really like. Sound quality is good but not for every genre type. Another problem I have with these is that they are called collapsible when they aren't. Overall, the Marshall Major's are a great option for fans of the company and those who want a classic and elegant look with their headphones.

Price: $99.95
Available Now

  • Classic Look
  • Jim Marshall Gold Signature
  • Unique
  • Not Collapsible
  • Sound Quality Consistency
  • Hard to Find
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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