Thursday, March 24, 2011

Quincy Jones AKG Q350 In-Ear Headphones

The AKG Q350 In-Ear Headphones are the cheapest in the Quincy Jones line. While the design of the headphones isn't flashy like most V-Modas, the neon green looks great and is modern and stylish without being too much. Each colored earbud comes with the Quincy Jones signature neon green cord. The earbuds feel extremely durable while being light as well. The earbuds themselves are much more comfortable than any other in-ear headphone that I have tried on. They also block out most sounds without being completely noise-canceling. The audio quality doesn't disappoint either. Sound is perfectly balanced between highs and lows. In my opinion, there is just enough bass without being overpowering. For the price, these are the best in-ear headphones that I have reviewed. If you are looking for a sub-$100 pair of premium in-ear stylish headphones, the AKG Q350's are your best option. They come in 3 colors: White, Black and Neon Green

Price: $99
Available Now

  • Build Quality
  • Balanced Sound
  • Lime Green Cord
  • Expensive

Overall Rating: 9/10

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