Monday, May 16, 2011

Marshall Minor EarBuds

After reviewing the Marshall Major Headphones a few weeks ago, I was really excited to see if the Minor Ear Buds live up to the hype as well. The attractive black and gold color gives these earbuds a classy rock and roll look. The Minor headphones have a different design from any earbuds i have seen. The cable is strong and durable because it is surrounded by a braided fabric. The minors come with a microphone and a control for your Ipod on the cable. Is there anything worse than having to take out your MP3 player when you want to change the song or volume? If there is, please let me know in the comment section.

The earbuds sound great for a wide variety of music. The bass isn't as heavy as the Beats By Dre earbuds because the Marshall enthusiasts are predominantly listening to a different style of music so it's not necessary. The unique shape of the earbuds have gotten some negative reviews by users for being uncomfortable, but I found them more comfortable than the Dre Beats ones that feel like they are halfway down your ear canal. Since the comfort of earbuds is different to each person, my only suggestion would be to try the Marshall Minor's first and see if you like them before purchasing them.

Price: $59
Available Now

  • Attractive Design
  • Overall Sound Quality
  • Packaging
  • Uncomfortable for Some
  • Large Earbuds

Overall Rating: 8.75/10

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