Monday, May 2, 2011

iHome iHMP5 Speakers/Headphones

The iHome iHMP5 are the first headphones that I have reviewed that also function as speakers. Why buy headphones and speakers when you could just buy one? While it sounds nice in theory, the execution from iHome is disappointing.

There are a few positives from these....headphones? The earcups are adjustable so you can play music at any angle. iHome has priced the iHMP5's at an extremely affordable price. The speakers run on two AAA batteries inside the left earcup. Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks to the headphones and speakers. Neither the headphones, nor speakers sound good. The headphones aren't comfortable and the durability is another major concern. While the iHome iHMP5's are unique due to the speaker capabilities, they don't succeed in performance, durability or comfort. They are available in 3 colors: Silver, Red & Purple.

Price: $25

  • 2 in 1 Product
  • Low Price
  • Sound Quality of Speakers & Headphones
  • Hinges Break Easily
  • Uncomfortable

Overall Rating: 4/10

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