Sunday, March 3, 2013

tokidoki / TKDK Sol Republic Headphones

With the interchangeability of Sol Republic Headphones, the company is constantly releasing special designs for its signature Tracks Headphones (Full Review Here). In the past few months, they have released 2 limited edition celebrity headbands: one for world-renowned DJ DeadMau5 and another for Olympic Gold medalist Michael Phelps. This time, Sol Republic has worked with acclaimed artist Simone Legno of the global lifestyle brand tokidoki to create 2 new designs. Since tokidoki's debut in 2005, the brand has exploded in popularity. For more information about the brand, Click Here.

Price: $150
Available Now

Simone Legno's Soundtrack of Life

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OMG! Lovely headphones. I want them badly. I broke my Beats headphones and I'm looking for new headphones. Thanks for sharing this post.

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