Friday, November 11, 2011

Sol Republic Tracks Headphones

Sol Republic is a relatively new headphone company that was created by Kevin Lee, who is the son of the founder of Monster Cable. Mr. Lee saw an opportunity to make great sounding headphones for the masses with affordable prices. While Kevin's dad sells premium headphones which sell for over $250, the most expensive product in the Sol Republic line is $130. The Sol Republic brand is an anagram for Soundtrack of Life.

The Sol Republic Tracks are the on-ear model. One of the big selling points of these headphones is that they feature swappable headbands, speakers, and cables in different colors and designs. This feature is possible because the wires and earcups can be detached. While I have seen detachable cords before, I have never encountered a headphone that allows the earcups to be taken off the frame. This definitely takes some getting used to and will feel strange at first. I am not yet sold on this whole "swapping idea" because the company currently doesn't sell individual pieces. Therefore it means the only way you could swap something would be to buy a completely new set of Tracks headphones. However, the company does plan on releasing an assortment of different color headbands.

When worn, the headphones look different depending on the size of the person's head.  The smaller the head, the more the bottom portion sticks out and and visa versa for larger heads. However the design does make sure that any person is able to get a perfect fit every time. Before trying on the Tracks, I was most worried about the comfort of the design since I find the Solo Beats extremely uncomfortable. However, after trying them out for a few minutes, I was extremely pleased to find that they were not uncomfortable whatsoever. In conclusion about comfort, I much prefer the Tracks over the Solo's even though the Tracks are about $80 cheaper.

A problem with the design, that I noticed, is the ultra-glossy finish that is on the outer portion of each earcup. Avoiding fingerprints and smudging is difficult, but not impossible. Durability is not an issue because they are made of an indestructible material called FlexTech. The Tracks include a built in microphone for cell phone calls or playing/pausing songs.

These headphones were made to target the same young demographic as the Beats by Dre line does. So it's no surprise that they have good bass and the audio sounds loud and aggressive. I tested the Tracks against the Solo's and found that most songs sound crisper with the newcomer: the Tracks. This seems to be the case probably because they have less overall bass.  In conclusion, the Sol Republic Track On-Ear Headphones are a great option for those looking for an on-ear headphone with style and very good sound quality. They are available in 3 colors: Black, Red & White

Price: $100
Available Now

  • Inexpensive
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish Design
  • Currently No Interchangeable Parts
  • No Carrying Case
  • Prone to Finger Prints

Overall Rating: 8/10

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