Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moshi Audio Burn-In Headphone App

Just like with a nice pair of leather shoes, CelebHeadpones sound better when broken in. Yes, that means that the headphones you got for Christmas are still not at peak performance. Until now, you had to leave your MP3 player on for 20+ straight hours to achieve maximum sound quality. Moshi Audio has come up with a modern solution with its own headphone Burn-In App.

First, your going to need to install the app onto your iOS device. Next, you plug in your headphones and run the app. Leave it on, and let the headphones burn in. The Burn-In Tool app plays a curated list of tones and frequencies which help the headphone diaphragms "relax and reach optimal level of sonic performance."

But the best part about the app is that its Free! So give it a shot, and see for yourself if the app really does improve your CelebHeadphones.

More details Here.

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