Monday, January 14, 2013

Nikura USA's Unveils New "Swag by Lil Twists" Line

This year's CES was full of celebrity-branded products, but nobody expected an 18-year-old rapper by the name Lil Twist to have his own headphone line. Never heard of him? It's ok, I'm sure you're definitely not the only one. The line, called "Swag by Little Twists", includes both headphones and earbuds. Retail price will be $35 for the earbuds and $100 for the headphones. The company developing Lil Twists' "Swag" line is Nikura, which has been selling electronic accessories since 1984. This new headphone line epitomizes just how far and wide audio companies are now willing to go to slap a celebrity name on their products.

Available: Spring 2013
Price: $35-$100

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