Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spider PowerForce Headphones

I’ve always been impressed with Spider’s products in the past, so I was especially excited to get my hands on their latest over-ear model, the PowerForce over-ear Headphones..

There are many pieces to the design of these headphones. Between the glossy plastic, reflective signature Spider logo on each ear cup, and leather stitching, the PowerForce’s are not your grandma’s pair of headphones.

The first noticeable aspect of the design is the ear cups, which swivel in every possible way. The mechanism used for the ear cups reminds me of that carnival game where you sit in a chair and are spun in every possible direction. Like the game, the swivel takes some time to get used to. After you figure out how to use it, it works pretty well, but it is still a little fidgety.

The plastic construction is durable but creaks a little when moved.
Comfort-wise, they are about middle of the road. The ear cups are on the small side, but there’s just enough padding to make up for it. They aren’t exactly over-ear or on-ear, more of a combination of both.  My biggest gripe is that the headphones flare out too much. Like other similar CelebHeadphones, the Powerforce’s ear cups are too large, making them look ridiculous when worn by someone with a smaller head. However, having large ear cups does have its benefits…

By far, the best part of the PowerForce’s is the sound quality. Props to Spider for creating great sounding headphones at under $150. While they are bass heavy, I’m guessing those who are looking to buy big, glossy, Spider headphones, aren’t too worried about a little extra bass in their music. They even sound better than most headphones twice its price.

Bottom-line is if you’re under the age of 25, don’t mind the outrageous design, and are looking for great sound quality, the Spider Cable PowerForce Headphones are for you.

Price: $110
Available Now


  • Sound Quality
  • Affordable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Swivel Mechanism
  • Design is Not For Everyone
  • Ear Cups Flare Out

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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