Thursday, February 23, 2012

YurBuds IronMan Inspire Headphones

The YurBud company's mission is to make a product for athletes which don't hurt and will never fall out. Many athletes have a tough time finding an in-ear headphone that can keep up with them with every sprint, jump, or bike ride. All of the YurBud earbuds feature their signature Twist-Lock Technology, which I will elaborate on later in this review. Today, I will review the YurBuds IronMan Inspire model.

From the shape to the red silicone, the design is totally unique. These headphones don't look like any other, and they shouldn't since they are designed for a different purpose. The red silicone is sweat proof and flexible enough to be comfortable, yet stable. The earbuds are waterproof as well. This means there is no reason to worry about that thunderstorm when your halfway through that 14 mile run.

The signature Twist-Lock Technology is the biggest selling point for the product.   What you have to do is put the earbuds in your ears at a 45 degree angle and then twist up to lock them into place. For a full video demonstration on how to use the headphones, Click Here. I found that, depending on the person, it could take 10 seconds or hours to put the earbuds in the right way. Personally, I had a tough time getting the technique down while friends of mine had no problems from the first try. Once you are successful, the earbuds are going nowhere. There's no way you will have problems with these earbuds falling out, regardless of whatever activity your doing. With this said, these wouldn't replace your regular headphones as they would be inconvenient to use during daily use.

If your a serious athlete and are looking for a headphone that you can be sure will never fall out, the YurBuds IronMan Inspire Headphones are a great option.

Price: $50
Available Now


  • Waterproof
  • Never Falls Out
  • Unique


  • Ear Tips Are Flimsy
  • Some Might have difficulty with Twist-Lock
  • EarBuds Aren't Light

Overall Rating: 8/10

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