Thursday, February 2, 2012

TJ Lavin Kicker HP541 Headphones

Whether you know him for his BMX career, music or hosting gig on MTV's reality competition show, The Challenge, TJ Lavin has joined the list of celebrities with their own headphones. Kicker Audio is an American company who is primarily known for their great quality subwoofers. With the growing demand for headphones, Kicker has developed a line with various price points and styles. The HP541's are the only ones with a celebrity endorsement.

The first thing that stands out with TJ Lavin Headphones is the design. The artistic look was designed directly by TJ Lavin himself. While I am not a fan of the design, I must say, it definitely is different to say the least. The headphones are made entirely of plastic so they do tend to feel cheap. The sliding earcups were not as easy to move as I like as they got stuck in some instances. Comfort wise, they are not exceptional nor terrible. The headphones have a tight fit which is nice at first, but after awhile, might cause some discomfort.

With a young demographic in mind, Kicker has tailored these headphones to be bass heavy. The HP541's sound much better than expected especially with the amount of bass produced. That being said, anyone who's serious about audio quality should look elsewhere. The headphones retail for over $100 but can be found at online stores like Amazon and for around $60.

Price: $55
Available Now


  • Doesn't Leak Sound
  • Sound Quality For Price
  • Accessories Included


  • Cheap Plastic Feel
  • Artistic Design
  • Uncomfortable for Some

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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