Friday, March 2, 2012

RF3 LIVE Headphones by Joseph Vincent

Joseph Vincent is an up-and-coming artist known for his laid-back musical style, similar to Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz, and his RF3 LIVE In-Ear Headphones emulate that style with their minimalist and elegant style.  Overall, the LIVE's try to revolutionize earbuds with new technologies while still keeping a minimalist and elegant style.

Being designed and inspired by Joseph Vincent, they had to have that simple, yet elegant look to them. RF3 has done a nice job incorporating a real wood look and feel with the earbuds. This design gives it that elegant touch that I enjoy. Besides the wood, the headphones look completely different from any you will have ever seen because of the incorporation of RF3's "Aircom Technology."

RF3 Headset's patented Aircom Technology is designed to reproduce your music in the most naturally balanced way possible. RF3 promises it will not only soothe your ears, but your whole body. I'm not ready to say that, but they did sound pretty darn good. Although they don't provide much bass, every song I listened to sounded crisp and accurate.

Besides the patented Aircom Technology, the unique feature that separates these headphones is the science behind them. Keeping in line with the organic, healthy lifestyle, RF3 claims that all of its products block dangerous RF energy and EMF's-electromagnetic fields that may transmit to your brain. Since I'm not scientist, I can't attest to the the technology behind this, but it can't hurt, right? As of today, there is no sufficient proof that headphones can cause any type of cancer, so therefore I'm not sure how successful or useful RF3's "technology" will be, but kudos to them for trying.

If you are not the type of person fearful of the radio waves transmitted by cel phones and headsets, there are some drawbacks to the technology that may not be worth the trouble to you. Since the air tubes are thicker and heavier than your average cord, it makes them less mobile and harder to walk with. In addition, it can have the strange appearance of earrings hanging from your ears when worn. In regard to comfort, they took a while to find the right ear tip, but once I did, I felt no discomfort.

Although there are certainly some pros to the RF3 LIVE's like the natural look and natural sound, the design flaws associated with the new technologies can't be overlooked.

Price: $70
Available Now

  • Wood Earbuds
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Air Tubes Look Strange
  • No Backup to Claims About Blocking Dangerous Rays
  • Price
Overall Rating: 6/10


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