Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Incipio Forté F38 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones

Incipio is another electronic accessory company which has entered the headphone market. I have used some of their products in the past and have loved the quality so I was extremely excited to check out their first headphones, the F38's.

Overall, Incipio has given the F38's an old school look. In regard to the design, I'm a big fan of the vintage feel. The headband is covered in a meshed synthetic fabric and the earcups have a matte finish. The Incipio logo is displayed on both sides and with the Espresso model, the logo is red which compliments the tan and brown design well.

My favorite thing about these headphones is the comfort. The earcups are large enough to fit around your ear which makes them much more comfortable than say the Matix Domepiece Headphones. After using them for a few hours, I hardly noticed I was wearing them which can't be said for most headphones.  One problem I have with them is the amount of sound leaked. Even though this is common with most inexpensive headphones, it's still extremely annoying.

Sound quality is about what you would expect for $50 headphones. They will satisfy most, but they aren't great by any means. However, they can get really loud, which I liked. The F38's include a black carrying case and are available in 5 colors: Matte Black, Neon Pink, Bright Turquoise, Vintage White, and Espresso.

Price: $50
Available Now

  • Inexpensive
  • Color Options
  • Thick Tangle Free Cable
  • No In-Line Mic
  • Leak Sound
  • Mediocre Sound Quality

Overall Rating: 7/10

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I have to buy headphones for my brother as birthday gift! These seem cool and kind of like his thing! will get them next!

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