Thursday, January 5, 2012

Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie

There are a number of apparel companies who are now integrating headphones into clothing. There is the InSound Headphone Hoodie line and Rusty’s Wired Series Clothing line, just to name a few. This blend of fashion and technology is a nice idea in principal, but till this point hasn’t worked well because either they look awkward or break easily. With this said, Aerial7’s Sound Disk Beanie is different from the rest.

The Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie is just as it sounds, a beanie with 2 small speakers. With the heart of winter quickly approaching, what better way to listen to your music then inside a warm, soft beanie? They are a must have for any skier or snowboarder as they might be that extra help you need to land that tough trick you’ve been trying for years.

Because of my doubts about the collaboration of clothing and technology in the past, I was skeptical about testing out the Sound Disk Beanie. However, after testing them out for a few days, I have a renewed confidence. Inside of the beanie there are 2 small slits where you place each of the sound disks, which are basically small speakers. Once the sound disks are inside the beanie, you can adjust them to fit as close to your ears as you would like. I was expecting the beanie to leak a lot of sound, but I was completely wrong. Unless you have your MP3 player at max volume, not even the person sitting next to you on the ski lift up the mountain will know what song your listening to. I really liked that the beanies, even with the speakers, aren’t bulky at all. One flaw is that there is no way anyone could know your beanie is different from anyone else’s. Sound quality is definitely not one of its pros, but were you really expecting great sound with beanie headphones?! 

tested out 2 styles of the Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie: Blue Bonfire & Black Perisher. The Blue Bonfire beanie is an oversized beanie that is much thinner than the Black Perisher. Both are made of an extremely comfortable material with the black one being a little thicker and warmer. Overall, the Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie is a great gift for anyone who loves music and enjoys winter sports. They are available in 14 different colors and styles.

Price: $60

  • Easy to Use
  • Extremely Comfortable
  • 14 Designs
  • Expensive
  • Average Sound Quality

Overall Rating: 8/10

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