Sunday, January 15, 2012

Logic3 Ferrari Headphones

It was just a matter of time till the ultra luxury Italian sports car company, Ferrari, had it's logo placed on a pair of headphones. Logic3 has collaborated with Ferrari to create a very large line of audio products. The range will include 14 products consisting of earphones, headphones, and speaker docks.  The range of products will be split into 2 categories: Scuderia Collection and Cavallino Collection.

The products in the Scuderia collection will be inspired by Ferrari GT cars and will use the iconic red design they are known for. While the Scuderia collection will be flashy and modern, the Cavallino collection is more subtle and sleek. From the pictures available, I really love the design of almost all of their products (especially both speaker docks). Prices have not been announced but don't expect them to cheap. As soon as the products become available in April, I will have a review of each of their products.

More information and pictures can be found here.

*UPDATE* - Some of the Logic3 Ferrari products are now available online, and they will be sold in select retail stores very soon. For more information, Click Here.

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