Monday, April 15, 2013

$25 Beets Headphones

Yes, these are Beets Headphones, but no, they are not by Dr. Dre. The Beets Headphones by OrigAudio were first launched as a April Fool's parody, but now are available for purchase. With each Beets Headphone sold, OrigAudio promises to donate a can of beets to the Second Harvest Food Back of Orange County. Since the headphones only cost $25, go ahead and buy 6 of your closest friends a pair of Beets Headphones and it will still cost you less than just one pair of Beats Headphone. Given Beats by Dre's history with trademark lawsuits, its got to be only a matter of time till OrigAudio gets a not so friendly letter in their mailbox from the headphone giant.

Price: $25


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