Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz Headphones

Tivoli Audio is a company known for their premium tabletop radios and portable powerradios. While I've never tried their products, I've heard their products are known for having excellent designs and great performance. The Radio Silenz Headphones are their first step into the crowded headphone market. The most unique aspect of the design is its incorporation of real wood. While all other headphone companies can only offer a choice of color, Tivoli gives you a choice of wood: walnut, cherry or black ash. Besides this nice design touch, the black plastic construction gives the headphones a cheap look. The overall size of the headphones are much smaller and lighter than I expected. In order to keep the headphones light and travel-friendly, the padding is minimal which doesn't help with comfort. Overall comfort is average at best.

The Radio Silenz Headphones are the first noise-canceling headphones with an on-ear design. Unfortunately, this extra feature does have its drawbacks. It requires a AAA battery which is located in a plastic housing hanging half way down the cable of the left ear-cup. The extra weight is a major annoyance. I've never been a huge fan of noise canceling in general due to it's tendency to cause sound distortion and create a slight hiss in the background. However, the noise-cancelling feature works surprisingly well for the headphones extremely small size.

Overall sound quality is dependent on whether the noise cancellation is turned on or off. With it off, sound quality is balanced and neutral compared to with it on, overall sound quality drops. Either way, there's not much bass, so those looking for thump should look elsewhere.

I had high hopes for the Radio Silenz Headphones, but it's extremely high price tag, and unspectacular features keep it from getting a high rating. Overall, the Radio Silenz Headphones are a good start for Tivoli Audio, but with today's vast options, they just don't cut it.

Price: $160
Available Now

  • Lightweight
  • Real Wood Finish
  • Slim & Portable
  • Requires AAA Battery
  • Pricey
  • Flimsy

Overall Rating: 6/10

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