Monday, September 26, 2011

V-Moda Revamp Headphones

The Revamp Headphones are the in-ear model of the V-Moda True Blood Headphone line. The earbuds are made from aluminum which gives them the extremely durable quality. I really like that these earbuds are on rather small and discreet. Nothing irritates me more than seeing people with what seems like poles sticking out of each ear. V-Moda includes 2 detachable rubber hooks that helps them stay secure no matter what activity your doing.

Sound quality on the Revamp Headphones is excellent. If you can get a tight fit without losing comfort, then your going to have no complaints with sound or bass quality. The only problem I found was that when the Kevlar coated cord rubs against your clothes, it causes some static. However, V-Moda has tried to combat this problem by including a clip which helps you secure the cord to your body. While the AKG Q350's have been my favorite in-ear headphones for a while now, I might have to reconsider after checking out the V-Moda Revamp Headphones.

Price: $100
Available Now

  • Extremely Durable & Lightweight
  • Includes 2 Sport Hooks
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Included Carrying Pouch
  • Sound Interference with Cord

Overall Rating: 9/10


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