Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Neon Colored Beats by Dre Mixr's

Beats by Dre has introduced its Mixr Headphones in an assortment of brand new Neon colors. Now, there's really no excuse for purchasing the Solo's over the MixR's. For a full review of the David Guetta Mixr Headphones, Click Here.

Available: Target stores nationwide May 19, elsewhere June 2


Albert jack said...

I’m impressed with the special and informative contents that you just offer in such short timing. ear buds

uk dissertation said...

For headphones, nothing beats 'Beats' and these neon colors are super cool and exciting. I have the neon pink and it has become my trademark in the college. People call me the pink headphone girl.

Michael Steven said...

hi, I just read your review about Neon Colored Beats by Dr Dre Mixrs. Well, I admit that these headphones are cool but still there are some features that are not offered by these headphones. If someone is looking to buy best headphones then I'd love to suggest this list of best over ear headphones. Trust me, you will find the best ones on this link for your listening needs.

Alex said...

hey man, nice list.. but i dont like beats. thats my personal view. they dont even make it to the list of best noise isolating headphones. anyhow i always look for alternates that are better than beats.

thanks, alex.

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