Saturday, April 21, 2012

NoiseHush NX26 HD Stereo Headphones

NoiseHush is known for their cell phone headsets, as well as bluetooth products. Currently, NoiseHush offers 5 Headphones, ranging from $30 for their earbuds to $70 for their over-ear headphones. Today, I will be taking a look at the NX26 HD Stereo Headphones.

Designed for comfort and convenience, the NoiseHush NX26 HD Headphones are a good option for all you seeking a quality pair of headphones at a decent price. Since NoiseHush is primarily known for their cell phone accessories, the headphones not only function to listen to your music, but also to pick up calls on your cell. Equipped with a microphone, you can transition from whatever song is playing to answering a phone call easily if you ever use your smart phone to play music. While at first there was a little rustling, overall the mic does a great job at blocking out background noise without having to bring the mic up to your mouth. Talking normally produced clear sound on the other end as well.

My biggest gripe with these headphones is the comfort and overall fit. No matter how much I messed with the fit, I couldn't get a natural feel with these headphones. Overall, the ear cushions aren't comfortable and have that fake leather feel that I associate with airline headsets. While I might be able to get over the cheap leather, I had a huge problem with the extremely tight fit the headphones. When worn, it felt like my head was being squeezed.  Designed to block external noises, it keeps its promise to do so and also delivers a clear and well-balanced sound. The sound quality is good, however, it's not nearly on par with other headphones at similar prices. It's got good bass, which I loved, but for some it may be overpowering as some songs didn't sound accurate.
Overall, the NoiseHush NX26 HD Headphones are not worth buying as there are countless of other headphones around the same price that are much better.

Price: $79.99
Available Now


  • Mic Works Well
  • Good Bass
  • Tangle Free Cord


  • Uncomfortable
  • Plain Design
  • Expensive

Overall Rating: 6/10

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