Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beats by Dre News Conference

On Tuesday, Beats by Dre executives unveiled three new products and two announcements to the media in New York City.  

Since the company was first started, they have been trying to figure out how to make a great sounding headphone that uses Bluetooth technology. Finally, they are ready to unveil the new Beats Wireless Solo on-ear Bluetooth model Headphone. They will be released next month and price has not been announced. It's a little funny to me that both the SMS by 50 Cent wireless Headphones, and now the Beats by Dre wireless Headphones are being released next month and both have yet to announce their price.

Although they had already been known for a few weeks, the next product to be announced were their newest DJ Headphones, called the Mixr DJ Headphones. Beats has worked with David Guetta to release an over-ear headphone that is made to be used by professional DJ's.  Jimmy said the headphones will be "strong, light, durable and powerful." We'll see if it's all of those things Jimmy...

There will also be a new portable Beatbox dock in time for the holidays. The Beats Electronic President has said that with this new dock,  "you can connect your phone, your tablet, your computer, anything with Bluetooth pairing for audio out, which is almost every device now." The new dock will cosmetically look a little different from the one thats out now. It will feature the Beats signature logo on the front and a handle on each side. I much prefer this new look to the previous BeatBox, which was kind of plain and generic.

The last announcement made was the limited availability of Studio Beats in new colors. Next week, the Studio Beats will be available in 5 more colors, bringing the total to 8 (not including the Boston Red Sox edition). The 5 new colors will be purple, blue, orange, pink and brushed aluminum. Frankly, I am surprised it took them this long but I'm glad that it finally happened.

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